【GIVES PEACE OF MIND】The Daytech caregiver pager is a wireless medical alert system that allows you to take better care of the elderly/sick at home. When they are in trouble, just press the call button and they can get help in time without yelling, giving our family peace of mind 【EASY TO USE】The receiver is plug and play. With 55 ringtones and 5 adjustable volume levels (from silent to loud), this plug-in receiver is loud enough to wake you up even in the middle of the night/even if you're in deep sleep. Don't worry about missing their call for help when the elderly/patient are in trouble at night 【WIRELESS RANGE】In open areas, the wireless nursing pager has a working range of up to 500 ft(150 m). In the bedroom/bathroom/living room, place an emergency call button and set different ringtones, you can quickly know where your family is looking for help