Art Therapy VS Therapeutic Arts

It’s important to know that In Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, creative arts therapy is a self-regulating profession so there is no title protection in law. This means there is no restriction on who can call themselves an art therapist or a creative arts therapist. (

Below is a summary of how the services differ.

Art Therapy

  • A form of psychotherapy, requires a master’s degree education, extensive clinical supervision & direct client contact.
  • Addresses mental illness, trauma, loss, substance abuse, eating disorders, etc. while also enjoying benefits of creativity.
  • Can only be facilitated by a professional art therapist trained in psychological counselling theories & techniques.

Therapeutic Art

  • Can be facilitated by an artist, life-coach, therapist, creative guide or anyone with basic artistic skills.
  • Beneficial for our well- being and is something available to everyone. Does not require a degree.
  • Releases emotional tension through self-expression, accesses playful inner child, and enjoy life affirming pleasure of creativity.

At Figment Therapy, Therapeutic Art and Counselling Sessions are facilitated by Skye Harrison to support people to move safely towards their goals.

Skye’s qualifications include:

Master of Communication
Bachelor of Social Science
Diploma of Counselling

Note: If you are looking for an Art Therapist Registered with ANZACATA, visit their website