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Common Meanings of Colours, Symbols, and Numbers

What does my Mandala Art or Intuitive Art Mean?

I am providing a basic list of meanings associated with colours, symbols and that you might find
in your mandalas or other art. As with all symbols and creative pieces, no one else can interpret it
exactly for you. So, always come into yourself first, and ask your Inner Voice, your Intuition
what it might mean to you.


White- purity, spirituality, light, moonlight, unity at times, innocence, new life, beginnings,
creativity, clarity, heightened sensitivity to spiritual enlightenment, also associated with the 7th
chakra, crown chakra which is considered the wisdom chakra.
Red- associated with life, used in ancient civilizations in rituals, celebrations, healing and
initiations. Still today it is used as a color in weddings in many cultures. It can mean a raw
energy, fire of emotion, protection, transformation, love and fertility. The color of the 1st chakra,
the root chakra, grounding.
Blue- calmness, serenity, peace, sky above and sea below. Used as a color in many religious
artwork. Associated with cleansing, nourishing, cooling, nurturing and mothering, awakening of
intuition, attainment of wisdom. Associated with the 5th chakra, throat chakra, which is about
finding and expressing your voice.
Yellow- color of sunlight, warmth, courage, symbolizing Jesus in Christianity, wisdom, seeing
clearly, hope of greater happiness, energy, riches and wealth. Associated with the 3rd chakra,
solar plexus, storehouse of energy.
Green- associated with nature, growth, rebirth, spring, potential, knowing your heart, color of
water sprites, wood nymphs, and fairies, beauty, faith, harmony, helping professions, healing,
renewal. Associated with the 4th chakra, heart chakra, expressing love in action, opening heart
and soul to love and harmony.
Orange- associated with fall, harvest, autumn leaves, warmth, balanced energy (not as raw and
primal as red), associated with Buddhist monks or living a life of austerity, power, abundance,
male energy typically. Associated with the 2nd chakra, meaning creative center, personal power
and manifestation.
Purple- wisdom, enlightenment, regal color, seeing yourself as the True Self, royalty, personal
dedication to sacredness or spirituality, grapes, vivid imagination, “purple passion”, related to
feelings. Can be associated with the 6th chakra, the mind’s eye, seeing The Light or Divinity in
all things, a balanced mind, dreams and visions.

Turquoise- associated with Native American culture appearing as a colour when healing is
necessary, rebuilding, also a mothering energy, recovering from loss, self-reliance,
independence, recharging our spirit, emotional balance and emotional healing.
Pink- the blending of white and red, the merging of the power of red energy with the softening
of white of enlightenment, wisdom. Also the colour of compassion, love, beauty, kindness,
healing colour for grief and sadness. The amount of red in relation to white determines the amount
of push to achieve potential vs. softer approach, can be used to bring out Yin (feminine) energy,
Brown- associated with stability, grounding, order, practicality, organic, a call to be outdoors
and connect with the Earth, the woods, trees, nature, evokes a connection to Native American
animal totems.
Black-associated as a grounding colour, a colour of creating boundaries and maintaining power and
energy, an absorbing colour- often seen as a colour to absorb and transform anything that does not
serve you anymore.


Animals- Animals each have their own significance. They are associated with deeper aspect of
our inner selves, characteristics of our personality, also used as symbols in totems, spirit guides,
and many different cultures and mythologies. If you are receiving a specific animal in your
meditations or art, look up what they are associated with specifically. You also might consider
what you perceive their characteristics to be, these will give you clues to their specific message
for you.
Birds- typically reference the human soul in ancient cultures, symbolize the element- Air, a
symbol for the idea of transformation. They can be messengers of news, peace (especially
doves), represent courage and strength (eagles), seeing the bigger picture (hawks and falcons).
Again, look up specific birds if you receive a specific image.
Butterfly- associated with transformation, dramatic shift, darkness into light, also means
“psyche” or “soul” in Greek.
Dragonfly- change, good luck, peace, harmony, prosperity, reminder to pay attention to deeper
Fish- abundance, faith, creatures of the water, flow of life, fertility, good luck, transformation.
Circle- symbol of eternity, life cycle, sun, moon, unity, also protective or offering a boundary.
Flowers- symbol of spring, love, life beauty, growth. Pay attention to color, number of petals, or
if a specific flower look up for a more detailed meaning.

Spirals- movement, life force symbol, moving into manifestation or consciousness, being in tune
with cosmic, universal energy. Also associated with healing and the chakras.
Stars- self-worth, accomplishment, “reaching for the stars”, connection with inner self, coming
into being as in “a rising star”.
Trees- symbol of life, renewal (especially self-renewal), abundance, being rooted or grounded,
in touch with nature, Mother Earth, can represent seasons of life. Many goddesses are associated
with tress and their legends speak of their choice to live among the trees. Specific trees will also
have their own meaning as well.
Rainbows- our connection to divine energy, a bridge. The seven main chakras in yoga are also
seen as the rainbow colours. Symbols of promise, fertility, peacocks, wholeness, joy, healing after
a trying time; as in viewing a rainbow after the rain (sadness).


The symbolism behind numbers is based on a system of single digit numbers, so 0-9 each have
their own meaning. When you reach the double digits or more you would add up the individual
numbers and then look up the meaning of the single digit sum that you get. For example 1234=
1+2+3+4= 10= 1+0= 1, the number you look up is 1, you might also look at the energy of the 0
as well.
1- leadership, unity, we are all one, strength, being able to stand up for self, creative spirit,
2- partnership, “lucky number” in Far East, balance, can also note opposites or learning from
3- harmony, wisdom, understanding, healing as in the triangle- used in many methods of
energetic healing, “magical number”, “divine number”, “third time is a charm”
4- stability, order, completion of justice, associated with the element Earth, a strong foundation
5- also seen as a balance number, associated with change and transition, health, love
6- completeness, beauty, and high ideals, associated with love and marriage, in some cultures
seen to be the perfect number- can symbolize perfection
7- security, safety, rest, on the right path
8- prosperity, harmony in all areas of life, abundance, power, fulfilment, in China it is the
ultimate prosperity number
9- completion and fulfilment, cycle coming to an end, endings and new beginnings, associated
with heaven, wisdom, good leadership, associated with magic

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