Although we are currently an unregistered provider we still offer items that can assist those in their NDIS journey with our 1:1 sessions!

Charly is a Registered Music Therapist with the AMTA. Skye is independent and is not registered with the Australian Art Therapy body ANZACATA.

Many NDIS participants have used their Social And Community Participation funding for our sessions.

Service providers can choose to register with the NDIS. Becoming NDIS registered is often a long process, so many providers choose not to. They’re known as unregistered providers.

  • To use an unregistered provider, your plan must be Plan managed or Self managed. If you are NDIA managed, you can only choose from Registered Providers.
  • There are lots of passionate and qualified providers out there who are not NDIS registered. Management of your plan can give you more choice and control over the supports you receive by opening up these providers.
  • Accessing unregistered providers opens up many more options and avenues of practice for both parties. We customize our sessions to suit your specific goals and needs.